The purposes, for which Ethioengineering Group is established, as per the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 475/2020, are as follows:

    • By researching and analyzing the current and future demands ,manufacture high-tech products ,which facilitate production and service delivery ;accelerate technology transfer and thus help the rapid development of  manufacturing industries ; create links with educational institutions and work in partnership with local and international institutions  in a manner that expand and enhance technological capacity ;
    • In view of contributing a positive impact on  the Ethiopian socio-economic development  and potency in filling the market gap, produce, repair , renew and renovate various capital and consumer goods  and spare parts ;
    • Design , build , trail production and testing (commissioning) ,repair, overhaul and upgrade  manufacturing or service  delivery plants
    • Sell products and render services to local and international markets in conjunction with the provision of  post-sale services ;
    • Contribute to the development of human resource in its sector by conducting customized  training and providing consultancy services ,
    • In line with policy guidelines and directives issued by the Ministry of Finance, to sell and pledge bonds to negotiate and sign loan agreements from local and international  financial sources ; and  
    • Engage in other related activities as are necessary for the attainment of its purposes ;

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