Ethio-Engineering Group is a Government owned industrial enterprise established under the laws of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia /FDRE/ by the decree of the council of ministers.

The main aim to establish Ethio-Engineering Group has been to make a fundamental difference through a lead role in the industrialization of Ethiopia.

Ethio-Engineering Group is working under a free market norms and standards with special commitments that enable domestic and foreign investors to enjoy partnership and cooperation.

In respect to the aforementioned perspectives, this corporate profile highlights the essence of Ethio-Engineering Group, the areas where Ethio-Engineering Group operates in and how Ethio-Engineering Group works with possible collaborators in the field.

The country of origin

The country which created Ethio-Engineering Group is the cradle of mankind, where including modern man had immigrated from to different corners of our world.

Ethiopia, the origin of Ethio-Engineering Group has contributed a number of material and social wealth, inline to those who contributed same in their own manner, to the civilization of mankind.

To mention some material wealth, the ancient engineering and architecture of the building of Yeha, the stele of Axum, the engraved churches of Lalibelaall being sculptured from massive monolitics stones are the manifestation of the trace of ancient civilization and gift to the world.

On top of this Ethiopia has contributed a civilized culture of respect and coexistence, which has been and yet flourishing the respect to diversity of nationalities and religion.

Unfortunately Ethiopia had been drowned into a dark age for more than a thousand and five hundred years and consequently became a deep steeping poor country. Some expressively say “Ethiopia forgotten the world and the world forgotten the peoples of Ethiopia.” This saying had expressed the why and what of Ethiopia. No one can be blamed, except Ethiopia itself for being asleep though who in deed exploited the sleepiness of ourselves, to their own advantages shall be considered cowards.

Recently, thanks to the visionary leaders and those who fought for better Ethiopia, we are awakening, awakening from the dark ages of centuries.

The awakening came from the deep understanding of where and why we are and most importantly that we clearly understood it was our weaknesses that drowned us as a nation to forget and be forgotten by the world. So were awakened to learn from the civilization of mankind and allowing the world to join us. On the other hand as we have learnt that our most enemies are poverty and poverty which were allowed for centuries to deprive us, we are in the march to negate the situation where we were suffering from.

We are awakening to make a difference in favor of us in line with creating strong ties with the globe. With such a commitment, these days Ethiopia has become one of the ten fast growing economies in the world, one of the few fast growing non-oil economies.

Ethio-Engineering Group has originated from such a country to make a difference in its country of origin through a lead role play.

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