High Tech Engineering Industry

Back Ground and Establishment

Hi-Tech Industry (HTEI) was established as one of the companies under the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) in 2011. The company manufactures electronic, electromechanical and Opto-electronic technology such as: the production and assembly of communication radios (both for military and commercial purposes), radar systems, cell phones, TVs, electromechanical devices such as energy meters, harmonic analyzers, optical devices such as night vision devices, thermal imagers, and security cameras. HTEI currently focuses on constructing opto-electronics and electro mechanical device manufacturing plants for different scale enterprises and associations in favor of young manufacturers all over the country. It is Located 40 km outside of Addis Ababa in the Legedadi area.


  • See the industry as a leading model in the field of HI- Tech Military and Commercial products by designing, developing, assembling, customizing, manufacturing and integrating of high precision electronics, optoelectronics electro mechanical products.


  • Conducting design and development
  • Creating national and industrial technology to be competent in the field electronics, optoelectronics and electro mechanical.
  • Make available products in a reasonable price and quality to domestic and international market
  • Bring in new technological achievements to the country
  • Create Collaboration with different organizations and industry

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