Aerial insulated Cable:- 10mm2~240mm2

Aerial insulated cable

Aerial insulated cable of the rated voltage 0.6/1kV

Product standard

  • The product is manufactured according to the standards of GB12527-90“Aerial insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 0.6/1kV” andIEC60502“Extruded solid dielectric power cables for rated voltages from 1kV to30 kV”.

Operating characteristics

  • Rated voltage Uo/U is 0.6/1kV.
  • Max. Permissible continuous temperature:

PVC、PE insulated aerial cables: 70;

XLPE insulated aerial cables: 90.

  • Max. Short-circuit temperature of the conductor (max. continuous time is not

More than 5s)shall not exceed:

PVC insulated aerial cables:160;

PE insulated aerial cables:130;

XLPE insulated aerial cables: 250.

  • The installation ambient temperature should not below -20.
  • The bending radius of cables is recommend as follows:

 When the diameter of cables less than 25 mmnot less than 4 times the     diameter of cables;

 When the diameter of cables not less than 25 mm:not less than 6 Times the diameter of cables.

  • When the cables use in alternating current systemrated voltage of cables

Should be at least equal to that of the system;

When the cables use in direct current systemrated voltage should not be

More than 1.5 times of the rated voltage of the cables.

 Type,  Description  and  Product  Range   of  Cable:



Core No

Rated voltage



Nominal cross-section of

Conductor mm2


Copper conductor XLPE insulated

aerial cables























Aluminum conductor XLPE insulated aerial cables


Copper conductor PVC insulated

aerial cables


Aluminum conductor PVC

insulated aerial cables


Aluminum conductor light PVC

insulated aerial cables


Aluminium conductor light PVC

insulated aerial cables

1~4 cores

  • Used for aerial electric power
  • Transmission and distribution lines in city
  •  With thick population, buildings and

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