Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI)

Background and Establishment

Project 40720/currently named Bishoftu Automotive Industry established in 1984 to overhaul medium repair of armoured and automotive parts, communication equipment’s, maintain radar stations and anti-air craft guns. From 1991 up to 2008 the project works finalize and the industry started overhauling tanks and Ural military trucks. In 2008 the industry reorganized under Defence Industry Sector named as Bishoftu Motorization Engineering Complex Established in 1999. Later in 2010 it re-established and re-named as Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI) while it incorporated into the Metals and Engineering Corporation. Located 45 km East of Addis Ababa, in the town of Bishoftu, BAI assembles public transportation buses, inter-city buses, heavy duty trucks, pick-ups, small vehicles and multi-purpose military vehicles. In addition to producing and supplying automotive products it is also working on the expansion of modern automotive technology as well as related production facilities owned by private enterprises.


  • To become a competitive automotive industry in the global market.


  • Lead the industrial development of Ethiopia in the automotive sector.

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