Ethioengineering Group’s 2013 plan accomplishment report presented

Ethioengineering Group has presented its 2013 plan accomplishment report on a discussion program coordinated by Public Enterprise ownership and Administration Agency. The Group CEO, W/ro Hiwot Mosisa (Engineer) explained the importance of passing through different reform stages for the Group to be productive and mentioned the effort exerted by all the group actors to make the reform task implementation fruitful. She also mentioned that the status of the Group was made it difficult to successfully implement the reform task as envisioned previously. She concluded her presentation mentioning that implementation of reform task will also be resumed in the coming budget year also.

H.E. Ahmed Shide, Minister of Finance and Economic Development has given his views on the report that Ethioengineering Group’s effort and commitment of implementing reform tasks to bring change in the organization through reform was encouraging. Specially the effort ito avoid resource wastage and effective utilization of resources was showing positive progress. He also said it is crucial for EEG to continue implementation of reform tasks to make the group effective and efficient.

Discussion was made on the feed back presented by Public Enterprise Ownership and Administration Agency.

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