Ethiopiawinet Day

“Ethiopiawinet Day” was celebrated at Ethioengineering Group Head Office and Industries. The Government of Ethiopia has announced that September 6 up to 10 (ከጳጉሜ 1 እስከ 5 ላሉት ቀናት) will be celebrated with various messages to create popular movements for the betterment of the nation. Based on this, today September 6, 2021 was commemorated as “Ethiopiawinet Day”. The message was to stand in unison for the pride of our beloved country. The date was celebrated by waving flags and singing the national anthem of Ethiopia. The coming four days will be celebrated as service giving day on September 7, Goodness Day on September 8, Patriotism day on September 9, and promise of Victory Day on September 10.

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