Message from the CEO

Dear All,

 As you know our organization , Ethio- Engineering Group , is  striving   hard  so as to support and lead  the manufacturing  sector ,which ,  is being dubbed as the back bone of Ethiopia .

 In fact , we are ,  working hard  and playing our role  so that   metal , electric and electronics ,  agriculture , automotive , construction , plastic and polymer products   bring  growth and development  to the country.

It is to be recalled that, our company, is one of the   sectors found, in the past, with lots of failures and irregularities.

And as such, we were engaged, currently, in massive reform and restructuring activities meant to solve and resolve major challenges, and take our organization a step forward.

In an effort to  meet our mission  , and pave the way  by clearing  stumbling blocks,  we have undertaken ,during the last three years, giant  reform activities  that started  to bear fruits by now  .

Coming out of the quagmire of darkness,   the company is now walking tall and seeing hope in the tunnel, as a result.

Thus, I would like to mention just some of the company’s remarkable results   as follow:- 

 one of   wonderful  results  achieved so far is that  the  long existed mix up with defense and commercial   production and services is   now sorted out ,   and the focus is  made   only  on  the latter  . My organization is now mandate   on the same.

   All Back wards, out dated and traditional practices that hindered the sector’s competitiveness are being revised and replaced by progressive ones. 

For instance, over 20   new  regulations have been put in place eventually after lot of ups and downs.  These are believed to bring transparency and accountability. 

By restructuring our company  and assigning the right person in the right place, we have already made our work force ready for the upcoming tasks and missions.

By giving due attention, we have reorganized our quality, research, training, marketing and ICT sectors.

Once our efforts to rebrand the company have been accepted by the government, Ethio – Engineering Group   was born.  And, this was pivotal for all the changes and reforms that we are undertaking now.

by formulating a five year  strategic plan ,  making our business  philosophy   acceptable to all  ,  producing competitive products ,  giving  priority to customer’s  satisfaction ,  we are   putting in place   at the moment,  systems  that would make us more and more competitive in the market .

This is not to mention the   moves we made to make our industries and their products certified from relevant companies and be competitive at least in East Africa.

Many local and international companies are showing partnership to work and develop with us. We are also   eager and committed   to reciprocate the same especially, with our strategic partners too   .

In short, we have created now a positive working and developing environment where each and every   activity is undertaken   only by law and order.

Finally , I would like to assure you all that we are so committed and devoted to discharge all the duties and responsibilities entrusted and to be  entrusted to us by the government  diligently  to give  it and our customers  the   best   possible  satisfaction   .

Hiwot Miosisa, CEO

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