EEG and ESA signed agreement

Addis Ababa, Thursday, 09 September 2021

Ethio -Engineering Group (EEG)signs   system certification  agreement with  the Ethiopian Standards Agency(  ESA)here yesterday in the premises of the latter .The agreement provides for  acquisition of  ISO 9001 -2015  for the former .

The agreement is going to be implemented in the Bishoftu Automotive Engineering   , Power Equipment production, Adama Agricultural Production Machinery Industry and Addis Machine Spare part production Industries found under EEG.

 As per the agreement the afore mentioned industries will enjoy   the certification in a year’s time. and this helps them become competitive , according to  Eng. Hiwot Mosisa EEG CEO ,  both locally and internationally .   The CEO said that due to  globalization   the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector is becoming more and more challenging .And as such it is wise to give due attention to quality than quantity , she added.  

ESA General Director , Endalew Mekonen , on his part   noted that they will turn soon their visions into a reality  . the role the leadership plays , in this regard is decisive , he said .  mentioning the experience of Germany , he further stated that  standards and manufacturing industries are the two sides of the coins  that should work and move together .  

Industries are expected to score  in the coming Ethiopian year better results by  working  hand in glove with the agency

 Of the nine industries embraced under the group ,  ethio-plastic has already secured the certificate and is enjoying its benefits , while Akaki basic metal  is in the process to be certified .

Thus , The number of certified industries is expected to reach six in the coming Ethiopian new year .

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