GISB Group continues its visit to EEG

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Monday, 20 September 2021:- The GISB investment Group    has continued today its visit to industries under EEG.

The Group has visited , among others ,  the   Solar Panel Production Factory  and  the Transformer Production  industry Power Equipment Production Industry ,  and found    in Sendafa and Tatek areas respectively .EEG’s Deputy CEO and Operation Sector Head ,Eng .Endawok Abtie and  Power Equipment Production industry’s manager , Erena Feyesa  has accompanied them.

The visiting Group   expressing its interest to engage in the sector, wanted to get details.

GISB Group  is  a company engaged , among others , in energy , cable , transformer , plastic , solar  productions , it was learnt . 

The company, with long years of experience, is supplying currently the African and European markets with its products.

GISB Group which is expected to wind up its visits at its counterpart’s   HQ Thursday, is due to meet senior government officials and discus on range of bilateral and multilateral issues.

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