Ethio-engineering Group workers establish their labor union

Monday, 20 September 2021,addisababa, Ethiopia:- Ethio Engineering Group’s workers labor union  was established here today  .

The workers ,apart from establishing their labor union , they  have ratified their  association’s bylaw

It is to be recalled the  Group has been doing its level best so that a strong workers’ labor union is put in place .

It is the Confederation of Ethiopian  workers, that facilitated the establishment of the labor union , which has got 11 executives and  audit committee .   they are  mandated to run  communication to be made with the group,  Ethiopian workers confederation vice President ,Ayalew Ahmed said.   According to him existing associations under  the industries  will continue  to work and top  be as   sectors’ labor union.

Speaking on the occasion , Ethiopian workers confederation president , Kasahun Fole noted that    establishing  a legal and a strong labor union in the Group  has multi faceted benefits .

Eng. Hiwot Mosisa on her part , mentioning   unity  as a strength ,     appreciated the workers  move to come together and form an umbrella association .   EEG is  ready and eager to work  and cooperate  with  them , she made it clear.

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