EEG joins the ‘white Envelop Flood to the White House’ national movement

Wednesday, 22 September 2021,addis Ababa , Ethiopia :- Ethio – Engineering Group (EEG) joins here today the ‘white Envelop Flood to the White House’ movement.
The nine industries under the group together with their workers and leaders have attended the document signing ceremony .
EEG CEO , Eng . Hiwot Mosisa noted on the occasion that each and every citizen should stand in union and serve a collective voice for Ethiopia . United we stand , divide we fall , she said and went on to state that other countries interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia emanates from their failure to not to understand its history .And this is totally unacceptable , Eng .Hiwot made it clear .
‘ Ethiopia is a Sovereign country that has got its own culture and history dating back to centuries,. And as such we , Ethiopians should inherit our sons and daughter freedom , not slavery , not colonization. We can work hard and prosper more if protecting our unity , boost our economy and detach our selves from foreign dependency. ’’ she added.
EEG has already been contributing its share towards the defence of the country’s sovereignty and integrity against aggressors and perpetrators .
the ‘white Envelop Flood to the White House’ movement that aims at exposing the conspiracy of the terrorist TPLF to disintegrate the country has officially been launched on 13,sep 2021 .
The current propaganda and disinformation being spread in favor of the terrorist TPLF to undermine the unity of Ethiopia will also be exposed to the international community.

the campaign is expected to take place until September 25 under the theme “The White Envelope Flood to the White House”
Some 5 million youth are participating in the movement that denounces the ongoing international pressure against the Government of Ethiopia.
the youth across the country will prepare letters that announce reality in Ethiopia and directly send the envelopes to President Joe Biden of USA.

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