EEG staff, workers observe National Flag Day

Addis Ababa, October 11, 2021(EEG) – Staff   and workers   embraced under the Ethio-Engineering Group (EEG) celebrated here today colorfully the National Flag Day.

Addis Machine and Spare Part industry , Electronics Equipment Production Industry , Metal Fabrication Industry , among others are the industries that marked the day ,in the presence of  respective high-level officials, under the theme: “ New chapter ,  Full Sovereignty,   honouring  the flag ”.

Staff and Workers not only sang the Ethiopian national anthem, but also made a solemn promise to safe guard their country against aggressors. They also paid tribute to the courageous sons and daughters who had sacrificed their lives for their country. They  urged the young in particular, to be inspired by their forefathers sense of patriotism to protect the country’s   unity and integrity .For them  the  green , yellow and red colour flag of their country serves as a symbol of victorious struggles against external invasions and  of democratic unity in diversity.

Though internal and external enemies are testing our national unity and sovereignty, we are defending our sovereignty   and making new history.  The day, in fact,   marks our unity and resilience in the face of repeated interferences, they said.

The fact that the flag day was observed   in the wake of the successful accomplishment of  the 6th National             Election ,subsequent establishment of a  genuine , inclusive  democratic government , as well as  opening up of a new chapter in Ethiopia,  makes it unique . Ethiopia marks National Flag Day every year on the first week of October and this is for fourteenth consecutive time

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