Objectives of Ethio Engineering Group Research & Development Center.

The main objectives of the center are derived from EEG’s objectives.

These are:-

  • To perform plant and faciliteies design, draft technical specifications of product components, designing production technologies, preparing related technology and production documents.
  • To study the actual and future needs of the manufacturing industries with in EEG and to design and develop technological products and production systems that will accelerate production and service.
  • Linkge with universties, local and foreign technology institutions in collaboration to enable and expand technology capacity.
  • Identify / select high-tech products that make a difference in the organization’s products and services, conduct detailed research, develop and transfer technology.
  • Identify the growth indicators of the organization and formulate the technical and technological content of the implementation plans.
  • Mission of the Center
    Enrich and transfer technologies that accelerate the growth of the manufacturing industry, and the service sector.
  • To study, enrich and develop technological and production practices for domestic products that create huge market gaps, require high foreign exchange, and play an important role in national economic development;
  • Perform design and modification of production plants, production technology and  systems;
  • Review the company’s products and services in terms of upcoming technology and indicate  improved products and serviceto be improved.
  • Contribute to the development of the sector with various higher education institutions, technical and vocational trainers, organizations and individuals engaged in research and dissemination, technology developers and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.


  • To Build a research and development center by 2022, that will support the success of the country’s industrial development by being competent and competitive in the field of Applied Research.


  • Customer Focused
  • Quality
  • Team Work
  • Inovation
  • Efficiency
  • Efectivnes
  • Integrity

Main activities of the EEG R&D Center

  • Plans, Organizes, deploys, monitors and  executes research and development activities, product and production improvement works  at the group level and in each factory with in the group.  
  • Provides necessary support to make available research and development results, findings, services and products produced with in the Group.
  • Designs products and production process (layout, tooling, quality documents, production equipment, and human resource composition) and perform technology supervision.
  •  Select, design and impliment best practices in production management, operation management and manufacturing technology and enhances EEG’s Profecionals capacity with training;
  •  Gathers, adapts, and disseminates foreign technology knowledge and experience;
  •  Study and enrich indigenous manufacturing knowledge and technologies and grow them into industrial scales;
  •  Conducts research activities that will accelerate the country’s technological development, distribute technology to the user through capacity building and storage;
  • Organizes research knowledge, develops usage strategies and transmits it to the user through training and supervision;
  •  Coordinates the design and development work at the factory level, jointly develops various production technologies that need to be developed at the factory level.

Services provided by EEG R&D Center

  • Provide research and management consulting services.
  • Consulting and training on design and engineering management and operations.
  • Empowering design and engineering professionals in design and engineering, formulate guidelines and provide consulting services to stakeholders
  • Provide operational, performance and management support for mini and micro enterprises.
  • Provide knowledge and training support to institutions that want to engage in engineering industry activities.
  • Condact technological gaps and come up with solutions.
  • Conducting feasibility studies and design implementation strategy.
  • Performing various engineering supervision jobs.