Metals and Fabrication Industry

Background and Establishment

Metal and Fabrication Industry was established in 2011 under METEC. It is mainly engaged in the fabrication, manufacturing and assembly of various metal-based products; such as construction machinery parts, bus body frames, boats, tower cranes, construction lifters, transmission towers, dismountable houses, forging and pressing products. This industry out sources and constructs many types of fabrication workshops for micro and small enterprises throughout the country in favor of young producers.


  • Enable the country as a progressive and an industrialized nation through metals fabrication engineering technology.


  • Meet the demand of metals fabrication products by developing the technology and create engineering knowledge networks that can help the country to achieve the development goals.
  • Utilizing experiences obtained from industry actual activates to hasten national industrial development and perform works that help national economic development.


  • Creating knowledge that support national technology development and satisfy the national metals fabrication industries need for achieving the required national development goals.

Core Business

  • Leading a Fabrication Technology Development


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