Distribution Compact Substation Products

Compact Distribution Substation specification

  • Rating power-315KVA-1250KVA
  • Rating Voltage -15/0.4Kv Or 33/0.4kv
  • Vector group of the transformer -DYN5
  • Enclosure Part-GRP /Steal type
  • Transformer Sealing -Hermetically Sealed
  • Compact Distribution Substation Paint – Powder Painted
  • Cooling System – ONAN
  • High Voltage Protection For Safety/Switch gear/ …Enter Lock Switch Type(SF6 gas)
  • Power Cable   Distribution Color – Red, Yellow, Brown
  • Load Breaking -Three Phase Breaker
  • Load Connecting Bar – Different Current Rating

Key: -DYN5- Delta star with neutral five vector group ONAN-Oil natural, air neutral

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