EEG , Sugar Corporation brace for bilateral partnership

Monday, 04 April 2022, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Ethio-enginerring Group (EEG) and Sugar Corporation   agreed   to work in   collaboration and partnership.

The joint bilateral discussion was held here today at the Headquarters of the former in the presence of CEOs    and management members of the two sisterly organizations.

The partnership agreement due to be signed soon is expected to create conducive environment to work and collaborate together.

 The Akaki Basic Metal Industry, Addis Machine and Spare part Manufacturing Industry, Metal Fabrication Industry, Construction Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Ethiopia Plastic Industry, and Adama Agricultual Machinery Manufacturing Industry are going to enjoy the benefits of the partnership.

According to EEG CEO, Ambassador Meseganu Arega, the role the partnership plays in helping the two organizations meet their national missions is immense.

Recalling that the group is undergoing currently through series of reform initiatives, the CEO noted that    business, pricing and promotion models are already include in it.

Ato Woyo Roba , Sugar Corporation CEO noting that his corporation is committed, from the bottom of its heart , to  the realization of the partnership , said that  the two  organizations need to tap  jointly their huge  resources .  

Owing to this agreement Sugar Corporation   gets various inputs, spare parts and machineries from EEG and supply the community sustainably with enough outputs .The group, in turn,   boosts its products using its production potential.

 In order to alleviate the foreign currency shortage we faced as a country, working jointly and in partnership is said tantamount important.

Meanwhile, understandings were reached to set up joint   Agricultural Machinery, Metal Machinery, Construction Machinery, and Finance teams and facilitate the signing and realization of the planned partnership agreement.

 Once  preparations are finalized , the partnership agreement is slated to be signed soon .

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