EEG hosts Iftar dinner for the needy , Muslim staffs

EEG hosts Iftar dinner for the needy , Muslim staffs

• Says this is in line with discharging its social duty and responsibility

Saturday , April 16, 2022, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia: Ethio-engineering Group (EEG) in collaboration with Khalid Foundation hosted here yesterday iftar dinner for needy Muslims..

The dinner was attended, among others, by the president of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Mufti Haji Umar Idris, EEG CEO, Ambassador Meseganu Arega, other heads of the Group, Muslim staffs working at EEG Headquarters and Mr. Kalikd, Kalid Foundation founder.

Speaking at the occasion, Mufti Haji Umar Idris urged that such culture of reaching and supporting each other need to be strengthened. The exemplary deed Khalid foundation is doing need to be also appreciated and supported, he added. .

Ambassador Meseganu Arega noted that the ifter dinner was hosted by EEG in line with discharging its social duties and responsibilities. Recalling that the group has similarly reached out earlier displaced compatriots in various parts of the country, he disclosed that similar endeavors will continue in the group in a strengthened way.

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