2014 E.C nine months work performance tabled for discussion

Tuesday, 03 May 2022, Addis Ababa : Decision Making Management members  deliberate here today on the  Ethio -engineering Group’s (EEG)   2014 E.C nine months  work performance .

 It was Group’s Plan and Program section that presented strengths and weaknesses recorded in the past nine months in the area of   regular and operation reforms. This is not to mention activities being undertaken to make it profitable and redress challenges faced.

Group’s CEO, ambassador Meseganu Arega noted that huge efforts are being exerted to solve the challenges pressing on its effectiveness.  We will work towards  realizing  the consultations and memorandum of understandings signed  with joint venture and other schemes  with  various foreign  companies , he  said adding that these will help  attract technology , fiance and trained human power to the group .

 Initiatives to make the group foreign currency generator, instead of seeker, by working with neighbouring countries like Somaliland, south Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya are also being undertaken.

More efforts will also be exerted in the remaining months to ensure quality and certification.

In order to change the image of the group, rebranding activities are also being undertaken.  More focus will be paid to it so that this will continue in a more strengthened fashion.

 Direction is put  in   place  to make Next budget months plan  more attainable and reliable , and industries are  expected to enter   a balanced score card agreement  with the CEO and embark upon their daunting tasks Teams  meant to accelerate and speed up changes and reforms are also being set up . It was learnt.

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