EEG leaders , workers celebrate anti-corruption day

  • Wednesday, 07 December 2022, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia (EEG): Ethio-Engineering Group(EEG) Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Ambassador Meseganu Arega says that  because corruption is a national security threat , all need contribute his/her share in the fight against it .

The CEO made this remark while speaking at the national anti- corruption day which, is celebrated in its headquarters.

 Our group manages huge resources. And as such the initiative geared towards putting in place a procedure meant to stem out corruption would be strengthened, he made it clear.  Digitalizing and modernizing the anti-corruption system is inescapable .No doubt, corruption is a cancer, which needs to be addressed well, according to him.

 Not only EGG  ethics and anti – corruption service head , Belay Legese   spoke on the issue ,  but educational videos were also  played and a question-answer session were held on the same .  .

 The anti-corruption day is being celebrated worldwide for 19th, nationwide for 18th consecutive times under ‘let’s fight corruption practically ‘

EEG management and workers celebrated the day with a panel discussion and various events.

 Next to inflation and joblessness, Corruption is dubbed as the third burning issue in the country.

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