Happy Christmas

Our Institution, EEG, coming out of quagmire of bankruptcy ,has registered this year 70.3 million birr profit . This is achieved , in spite of foreign currency and input shortages , through continuous reform activities, through tapping internal capacities, through assigning new managers, and engaging actively the entire workers . We shall continue these coordination and understanding in a more strengthened fashion too in the coming months ahead.
we are not only reorganizing the EEG ,but also putting in place new structure so as to help it reach at more heights and attain more profits. We shall build ,in the shortest time possible, new tractor,pump,solar, autobus,and construction factories by working in a joint venture schems
with foreign companies . We are also saving foregn currency by producing giant products locally and suppling them internationally. In short , we are undertaking, in our industries, many commendable activities .
In this regard, the roles the workers and the management board played are immense. Thus, I thank and congratulate all of them on for the good work being done. I wish our christian workers ,managers, custumers and stakeholders a happy x-mas. I also seize this oportunity to call upon all of them to stand in unison to our side as usual.
Meseganu Arega(Ambasador), CEO

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