Newly appointed leadership visits Industries embraced under EEG

Newly appointed leadership visits Industries embraced under EEG
Tuesday, 07 February 2023, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (EEG): The newly appointed Ethio- Engineering Group (EEG) top leadership visited here yesterday industries embraced under the group.
They visited so far the Adama Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry (AAMMI) and Mojo Wire and Cable Manufacturing Factory (MWCMF).
Speaking on the occasion, EEG CEO, Ambassador Suleiman Dedefo noted that the role AAMMI plays in modernizing Ethiopia’s agriculture is pivotal. In order to discharge its duty and responsibility, it should be supported with research and development activities, he added.
The leadership also reiterated that it would exert maximum efforts to not only continue successful results so far achieved and hopes shown , but also to resolve bottle necks encountered .
In an effort to make the industry more fruitful , It would motivate the workers, help them develop sense of ownership and belongingness .
Similarly, consultations were held in making MWCMF more modern, and boost its contribution to the country’s power sector.
While AAMMI is known for manufacturing tractors of various horse powers , farm implements , and water pumps ; MWCMF , embraced under the Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry ( PEMI) produces various sizes of electric cables , and supplies them to Ethiopian electric utility and other customers .
Group’s Deputy CCEOs, management members and advisors have reportedly participated in the visit.

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