Top EEG echelons meet with their Ethio – telecom counter parts

Thursday, April 20, 2023, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (EEG): Ethio – Engineering Group (EEG) top Management members meet and discuss here today  with their Ethio -Telecom   counter parts.

The discussion focused, among others, on ways of producing    various line products by the former and supplying them to the latter. EEG is believed to be benefitted from state of the art communication technologies of Etho-telecom.  Saving foreign currency is also thought to be another advantage to be obtained from the joint project.

When Metal fabrication Industry and Ethio-plastic Industry produce Power crane and plastic manuals respectively, power equipment manufacturing industry manufactures various solar panels, electrical appliances and transformers.  The Akaki Basic metals Manufacturing Industry supplies Ethio-Telecom with various metal products.

Speaking on the occasion, EEG CEO, Ambassador Suleiman  Dedefo reiterated that he is delighted to see EEG working with such famous companies like Ethio-telecom.

  According to him a joint technical committee is be drawn out from the two organizations to see into ways of inking memorandum of understanding in the shortest time possible.

Ethio-telecom management members on their part noted that they are ready and eager to tap the immense potential of EEG.

Dual presentations depicting   respective organizations’ status and activities were   made.

The discussion is followed by a working visit at the Ethio-plastic Industry .

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