Ethiopia Power Engineering Industry

Background and Establishment

Ethiopia Power Engineering Industry (EPEI) is established under METEC in 2010, located in Addis Ababa “lebu” area. The industry contains seven manufacturing factories: transformer production factory, wire and cable production factory, automatic power factor corrector and compact substation production factory, solar panel production factory, motor and generator production factory, engine production factory and turbine production factory. EPEI is constructing a number of power generation and electrical grid equipment manufacturing plants all over the country for micro, small and medium scale business associations.


  • Creating a country enriched with power engineering technology.


  • Designing electrical equipment and accessories that are important for electrical power generation, power transmission and management equipment.
  • Providing electrical equipment and accessories for the market with designing, producing rebuilding and upgrading works.
  • Applying the knowledge and skills of power engineering technology in power industry and development of the nation.
  • Creating a superior situation for industry development.
  • Working on power engineering industry developments.

Core Business

Design and Development, Production, Planting and Commissioning Works of:-

  • Power Plants
  • Electrical Machines
  • Equipments
  • Accessories

Peripheral Business

  • Providing Training Services in power Engineering Technology area
  • Consultancy Service in Power Engineering Technology area

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