Ethiopia Plastic Industry

Background and Establishment

Ethiopia plastic was established in 1960 by a group of five entrepreneurs. In 1973 the military government took ownership of 55% of the company, leaving the remaining 45% to the original owners. Consequently in 1978 the military government nationalized the company. Renamed Ethiopia plastic industry (EPI) the company was incorporated into the Metal and Engineering Corporation (METEC) in 2011. The company’s headquarter and its plant facilities are located in Addis Ababa Gerji area. EPI produces a wide range of plastic materials PPR pipe and fittings, HDPE pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings, polyethylene products, such as packaging film, shrinking wrap and shopping bags, irrigation hose products, bus seat, sprinkler and military plastic products. This industry is developing and constructing plastic and fiber manufacturing factories for both private and public sector associations all over Ethiopia in favor of young producers.


  • To develop Ethiopia’s economy in plastic sector.


  • Develop, design and produce military, commercial products and services.
  • Develop local production capabilities and create industrial network.
  •  Increase production capacity of strategically important plastic products.
  • Substitute imports with locally produced products.
  • Develop and design plastic machinery from sister company and transfer to micro and small enterprises.

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