Discussion was held on Kaizen implementation progress EEG

Discussion was made on the progress of kaizen implementation at the industries. Ethio-engineering group has been working with Kaizen institute collaboratively to implement Kaizen at all the industries in order to enhance the group’s competitiveness. Kiazen is now being implemented at Ethiopia power engineering industry and Bishoftu automotive engineering industry.

Ethiopian Kaizen Institute has presented a report on the progress of the Kaizen implementation at both industries. The progress was reviewed and discussion was made on how to increase the pace of the implementation to achieve a better performance. 


Both industries are expected to follow the procedures in Kaizen implementation and implement with in the time frame to bring favorable working environment by reducing wastage and enhancing productivity. It was also mentioned that the industries have to continually accomplish the Kaizen implementation tasks at all level.

The participants have stated that it is vital to identify those properties which are to be discarded from those which are to be reused and bring the industries forward. Discussion was also made on how to start Kaizen implementation at Adama agricultural machinery, akaki basic metal industry, Addis machine and fabrication industry, infrastructure machinery manufacturing industry.  


Akaki Basic metal and Bishoftu automotive industries were visited after the discussion.

Her Excellency, CEO of EEG, W/ro Hiwot Mosisa, Deputy CEO of Operation, Ato Endawok Abite and Kaizen Institute Director General, Mekonnen Yai and Kaizen institute professionals participated the joint discussion.




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