Discussion was med between EEG and Sugar Corporation

Officials of EEG and Sugar Corporation discussed on major issues which both companies are currently working together. The aim of the discussion was on how to hand over the project related assets and documents with in a short period of time.  They were also discussing on how to do the reconciliation on the financial aspects and to finalize those pending tasks as much as possible.

Direction given on how to work with sugar corporation collaboratively with Adama agricultural machinery, Akaki basic metal, power industry, metal and fabrication industry, electronics equipment manufacturing industry, and ethio-plastic industry which are currently manufacturing spare parts and different products used by sugar factories.  

W/ro Hiwot Mosisa, CEO of EEG, Deputy CEO’s of Operation and resource administration, Sugar Corporation CEO  Ato Weyo Roba, Deputy CEO of Sugar and Industry General Managers were participated the discussion.

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