Adama Agricultural Machinery Industry

Background and Establishment

Established as Nazareth Tractor Assembly Plant (NTAP) in 1984 for the purpose of assembling tractors used for mechanized farms. NTAP was renamed as Adama Agricultural Machinery Industry (AAMI) in 1992. It was transferred to the Ethio-engineering in 2010. AAMI is located 90 km east of Addis Ababa in the town of Adama in Oromia Regional State. AAMI is organized with four production factories located on 114,388 square meters of land, and it assembles and manufactures tractors, water pumps and various agricultural combines and products. The products are primarily used by the government, farm unions and state- owned enterprises for agricultural purposes, water irrigation, construction, and transportation related projects. AAMI have a great role and responsibility in producing agricultural equipment’s and building manufacturing facilities throughout the Country for different enterprises, That are helpful to transform traditional farming system into Modern and Industrialized Agriculture.


To Prosper Ethiopia in Agricultural Machineries Industry.


Design, Build and integrate Agricultural machinery manufacturing plants.

Produce, assemble and supply quality and versatile horse power/HP range Tractors with associated implements, water pumps and Irrigation equipment used for different agricultural processes, construction activities

Municipality operations and others with competitive price to help customers use modern technology that enables them to be efficient effective and productive in their work.

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