Senior management members continue their working visit to EEMI

Senior  management members   continue  their working visit to EEMI

Friday, 13 May 2022, Addis Ababa (EEG):  Senior Ethio-Engineering Management Members (EEG) continue their working visit tothe Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Industry (EEMI)   here today.

Included in the senior EEG Management groups are CEO, Ambassador Meseganu Arega, and Deputy CEO for operation sector,   Eng. Endawok Abtie   and   senior advisors.

Industry’s general manager, Hailu Chaka, has elaborated on its journey, hope and challenges.

It has produced in the on-going budget year electronics equipment like Switching module and PQU master meant to ward power losses. For the industry has the capacity to produce cash register machine and tablet computers , discussions with concerned bodies  are also  going on the same .However ,Lack of  skilled human power  on designing  coupled with absence of calibration machine are posing challenges, according to him .

Ambassador Meseganu Arega on his part reiterated that the efforts  being undertaken to full fill missing machineries  need to  not only be completed soon , but production of  more  market oriented products need also be paid due attention .  For him Moving with the state of the art technology   and recruiting key experts are essential too. All agreements entered so far need to be followed and finalized, he said adding that by creating strong partnership, it is possible to make the industry fruitful.

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