EEG and its employees sign historical collective labor agreement

Thursday, October 13, 2022, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (EEG): Ethio-Engineering Group (EEG) and its workers sign   here today   Collective  labor agreement providing for smooth and healthy  work relations .  

 When Ambassador Meseganu Arega   , EEG CEO inked   the agreement representing the group   ,  Gudeta Denedena, President of the group’s labor Union reciprocated the same representing the employees .

CETU (Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Union) President Kasahun Folo, Group’s Management Members,   bargaining committee members, and   trade union executive officers have attended the signing ceremony that kicked off at the  headquarters of EEG .

 Speaking on the occasion Ambassador Meseganu Arega said that organizations would be profitable and effective only when there is healthy work environment between the employer and the employees. 

 If workers need to have hopes and become   transformational, there should be health relations between the two  parties ,  he said adding that such joint relation would also help ensure the country’s economic development.

 Coordination and collaboration between and among them is essential so as to change the working culture of the organization, he  made it clear .

 The CEO has finally thanked all those who contributed and worked towards the realization of the joint collective agreement.

CETU President Kasahun Folo on his part thanked   former and existing Group’s management members for their contribution in the establishment of the union and for the signing of the collective agreement.

The agreement is believed to help the employer and the employees not only   endure  jointly ups and downs  , but also ,establish eventually a successful and fruitful; organization, he said .

  Understanding , and cooperation  are very important , he said  and went on to state that  even when  challenges crop up , it is good to face and  solve them jointly .

 It is this way and only this way that we can transcend   national and international pressures, he noted .

 Congratulating every one for their outstanding achievements, Group’s labor union president, Gudeta Denedena   dubbed the collective agreement   ‘historical’.  He extended also his gratitude to EEG’s and CETU’s leadership.

 The last three years saw initiatives and endeavors  by the leadership and the workers so as to see a strong   labor union and collective agreement, it was learnt

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