EEG,ESI sign ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation agreement

EEG,ESI sign ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implimentation agreement December 5,2022,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia(EEG):-Ethio-Engineering Group(EEG) Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Ambassador Meseganu Arega says that on going efforts to make EEG’s products and services competitive and qualitative shall continue in a very strengthened fashion. He made this remark during an ISO – 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implimentation certeficate signing occassion held here today with EThiopian Standards Institute(ESI) .When the ambassador signed the agreement on behalf of EEG, Dr.Meseret Bekele ,GeneralDirector(GD) of ESI reciprocated on behalf of her Institute by putting her ink on the document. We want our products to be standardized, the ambassador said and went on to state that his group shall leave no stone unturned to ensure the quality and standards of EEG’s products . ESI DG on her part rehiterated that the agreement helps a lot in the realization of quality system in EEG.The role of the leadership towards this task is crucial,according to her . Of the industries embraced under the group , Ethiopia Plastic Industry(EPI) is dubbed to have been made owner of an ISO Certeficate.Akaki Basic Metals Industry,Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry,Adama Machinery Manufacturing Industry,Addis Machine and Spare Part Manufacturing Industry,and Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Industry are doing currently their level best to secure the certeficate. Infact, the certeficate helps industries not only to be competitive,but also to put in place a modern management and working systems. This is not to mention its contribution to link the group and its industries with othor industries world wide.

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