March 8 celebrated , Day care center inaugurated

EEG will exert more efforts to make women more beneficiaries: CEO

  • March 8 celebrated  , Day care centre inaugurated

Thursday, 10 March 2022, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia (EEG) :-  The chief Executive Officer(CEO)  of Ethio-Enginerring Group(EEG) , Ambassador Miseganu Arega said here yesterday that  unreserved efforts would be exerted   so as to make women more beneficiary .

Speaking on the occasion of the  International women’s Day (March 8)  celebration at headquarters level  ,  the  CEO  said , recalling that  women  make   for  half of the  community  , that   growth and   development can be ensured by participating women actively and   creating conducive environment for them..

 Of course, celebrating March 8 help increase awareness, yet empowering and respecting them make more difference, he added.

The CEO also inaugurated   a child Day care Centre established inside EEG’s headquarters. The opening of the day care centre would not only help women staff to focus on their duty, but also help produce productive and healthy children, he made it clear.  

Group’s Women, Youth Affairs Department head, W/t Sosena SaheleMariam on her part reiterated that a number of procedures and directives meant to enhance women’s empowerment were put in place in EEG.  And as such, everyone should join hands for their realization, she said.

According to her Efforts to involve women in political, economic and social spheres at the national level are   encouraged and need to be strengthened.

 March 8 has been celebrated through various events, across industries embraced under EEG, under ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

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